Charter Speech during 57th District Conference

Charter Speech during 57th District Conference

CP Alvin Lam delivered his Charter Speech after the Charter Ceremony of the Rotary Club of Innovation Hong Kong held on the Governor’s Banquet during 57th District Conference on 27 May 2017

RI President Personal Representative Kenneth, District Governor Eric, Past District Governors, District Leaders, Honourable Guests, Fellow All-Star Presidents, Rotarians, ladies & gentlemen’s, good evening!

I am very happy to have the opportunity to share with you my little story about my Rotary Innovation Journey. I am telling my full story the first time ever.

Many people tell me CP is a lifelong responsibility, but i can tell you, life is short, which i am lucky enough to back alive 7 years ago from serious medical conditions, and i have my last will at that time; and i am still not eligible for insurance.

Well, heres my Rotary Story.

I started my Rotary life in 1995 as District Interact Representative for ‘Service-Above-Self’, i delivered my first speech in my life for over 1000 people, in english; then I become Rotaractor for ‘To Serve, To Learn, To Lead’ as a President of University based Rotaract Club, and joined Rotaract District; after that, i joined Community base Rotaract Club as President and as Deputy District Rotaract Representative few years; i have been rejected as District Rotaract Representative due to my family engagements. Afterwards, i kept connection with Rotaract Club as old boy Past President. There was few years I didn’t involve in any Rotary occasions due to my extremely demanding work at Samsung; then i back to joining Rotaract activities and visit Rotary Club as guest after changed my job. However, I still not ready to become a  Rotarian due to financial and time obligations.

Until late June 2016, my Rotaract Club president ask me to meet PDG Eugene Fong about the initiative to charter a new Rotary Club with relaxed meeting and financial obligations. I can say that I found my purpose of life in Rotary family, and i know how hard is a youth without good man’s service-above-self. I feel its time for me to giving back my little self to Rotary, by chartering a new Rotary Club, making more good Rotarians, giving my child a better world tomorrow. The first CP of Rotary Club of Paul Harris, a non-Rotarian, right? That make me feel less nervous.

I treasure every moment of my life, and i see time is the most important thing amongst anything. So i think passion is a must to make good use of my time. Thus, I treasure the time to meet every potential member and would like to make sure that they know what I am going to do – Rotary, a lifelong volunteer business, don’t simply joining me. After 6 months, Rotary Club of Innovation Hong Kong was successfully chartered on 11 January 2017, with 22 young and energetic charter members joining my Rotary Innovation journey. Rotary has 5 core values about Fellowship, Integrity, Diversify, Service and Leadership. Together Everyone Achieve More. To develop new members into good Rotarians, quality meeting, fellowship and service are essential, and member’s participation is crucial. Think out of the box and eager to try new things are the basic criteria for innovation to formulate. Positive and constructive communications can catalyst the innovation process.

What our Innovation means?

Interest on Serving Humanity, Nothing impossible for Service-Above-Self, Value the opportunities to work together, Time to devote and serve one another, Ongoing efforts towards world peace.

Thanks everyone joining me to celebrate the birth of the Rotary Club of Innovation and listening to my little story. Thanks!