Charity Raffle (15 Sept 2023)

Charity Raffle (15 Sept 2023)

Community Service: Charity Raffle – Raise Fund for Mitochondrial Disease Diagnostic Test

Date: Before 15 Sept 2023 (Fri)


2023 Charity Raffle is raising funds to support complex diagnostic tests and related treatment research for Inherited Metabolic Disorders (IMDs). IMDs are genetic conditions that impact the body’s metabolic processes, causing an abnormal accumulation or deficiency of metabolites. Currently, over 1,400 different types of IMDs have been identified, including mitochondrial diseases. IMDs may result in serious developmental, neurological, and organ-related complications, and even death. Early detection may enable patients to have prompt diagnosis and treatment. However, some IMDs are very uncommon, and may require complex diagnostic testing on a research basis in overseas centres. Timely diagnosis with targeted treatment may improve the overall disease outcome. Unfortunately, some IMDs, such as mitochondrial diseases, do not have a definitive cure at the moment. Affected children may have limited life expectancy. Therefore, there is an urgent need to conduct research on new treatment strategies.

Are you willing to lend a helping hand to support the children with IMDs for diagnosis and cure?

Each booklet has 10 tickets for HK$200.  The draw date is 26 September 2023.  We have many incredible prizes, such as luxury watches, five star hotel gift card, shopping vouchers, dining coupons, home appliances, personal care products and many other prizes.  We are selling raffle from 2nd August to 24th September.  Please grab the chance to win prize and help the children.

We are green club and support paperless e-Ticket raffle.

Results will be published at , The Standard and Sing Tao Daily on 5 October 2023

2023 Charity Raffle Prize List


$200 for 10 Charity Raffle e-tickets numbers