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June 11 2021 – Last Club Assembly of Rotary year 2020-2021 cum award ceremonyTo follow our club’s tradition, an award ceremony was held at the last club assembly of this Rotary year to acknowledge the contributions of our members. Congratulations to PE Gabriel to be our club’s Rotarian of the Year! In an unusual year under the shadow of the coronavirus, our club has faced various challenges and we would not be able to sail through safely without the support from our members. The year ahead is another exciting year – let’s all get ready to serve to change lives!#rotaryinnovation #peopleofaction ... See MoreSee Less
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June 11 2021 – Closing ceremony of the “Temporary Accommodation for Homeless” project A closing ceremony was held on 11 June 2021 for the year-long “Temporary Accommodation for Homeless” project. For the past 9 months, through the coordination by the Society for Community Organization (SoCO), this project has helped many people made homeless by the pandemic and has increased the awareness on this issue via various media channels. The sharing from some beneficiaries during the closing ceremony confirmed that our efforts are worthwhile and there are a lot more people in need that requires our help. Our club is honoured to be part of this project and we hope that through our continual initiatives our club can bring relief and positive hope to others!#RID3450 #rotaryinnovation #RotaryOpensOpportunities #service #peopleofaction #homeless #SoCO #increaseourimpact #expandourreach ... See MoreSee Less
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June 7 2021 - June Board meeting of RY2020-21Time flies and it’s already the last board meeting of this Rotary year. A big thanks to all my board members for their continual support in this challenging period. As we move forward to another Rotary year amid uncertain circumstances, we should always look back to the foundation that we have built together, cherish our friendship and our initial wish to help others, and continue our ongoing efforts to serve the community. #rotaryinnovation #RotaryOpensOpportunities #increasetheabilitytoadapt ... See MoreSee Less
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